Author Topic: 2018 Blizzcon Virtual Ticket Giveaway!  (Read 3858 times)

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 This year, we are giving away 5 virtual blizzcon tickets. We are doing things a little different than we did in previous years. This year, you can enter the drawing many times, instead of just one. This will reward our more active patrons with more chances to win!
 Below are how you can gain entries, and how many entries you will gain per action. There is absolutely NO limit as to how many entries you can earn. The more you earn, the better your chance of winning a ticket is. However, each person can only win one virtual ticket. Your ticket will be gifted to your battlenet account shortly after you the drawing takes place and the winners are confirmed.
 Now, without further adieu, here are the ways to enter, and how many entries each action is worth.

 Creating an account on our website: 1 entry. (Limit 1 per person)
 Purchasing a Verified Member subscription: 1 entry. (Limit 1 per person)
 Purchasing a Legendary Membership: 1 entry per year purchased. (Maximum of 10 entries) (10 year memberships are on sale, by the way!)
 Liking our facebook page: 1 entry.
 PUBLICALLY sharing our facebook page: 1 entry per share (1 entry per week maximum)
 Subscribing to our Youtube channel: 1 entry. (Limit 1 per person)
 Sharing any of our Youtube videos to Facebook: 1 entry. (Limit 1 entry per video)
 Following our twitter feed: 1 entry. (Limit 1 per person)

 We will also be adding more ways to enter via our discord channel in the near future. Mini contests will be placed in our discord server for you to earn even more entries. Link to the discord server is :

 This year's blizzcon takes place on Nov 2, 2018 Nov 3, 2018. Projected date of the drawing for the 5 winners is on October 20, 2018.

 If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread and we will do our best to address them. Keep in mind that nothing ever goes without a hitch, and we may make minor changes to the contest, such as how many tickets one can earn, how to earn them, and the date of the drawing. However, all updates to the contest will be posted here on this thread, should any changes arise.
 There is no purchase necessary to win. You may earn entries by doing any or all of the above actions. You do not need to have an account on our website to win.

 In order to claim your prize, you MUST have an active battlenet account. Contest is open woldwide. Void where prohibited. YOU are responsible for checking to see if you are eligible for this contest in your country. Prizes are NOT transferable. If you do not or cannot claim your prize, someone else will be drawn.

 Keep an eye on this thread for updates! Good luck to all!

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