Author Topic: Can't find mods with twitch.  (Read 4519 times)

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Can't find mods with twitch.
« on: A year ago »
A common issue that many people are encountering with the twitch platform is becoming quite the bother. When going into the World of Warcraft mod section, the twitch application is failing to find the mods and asks you if you want to scan for them or locate the folder. Both of these options appear to be a complete waste of time. However, we have found a workaround, thanks to James Wagoner at Upon following his directions, the addons in your twitch application should appear on the list again. Below are the instructions:

if you go to Settings, and click on Addons, then uncheck "Addon Management" (it'll ask to restart Twitch). Then go like you normally would to get to WoW addons, it'll prompt you to enable it, after restart it should start working again.

Hopefully they get this issue fixed soon, but for now, this workaround seems to work for just about everyone. Many thanks to James Wagoner at for the answer

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