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Long Forgitten Hippogryph
« on: A year ago »
To obtain this rare mount you must find and click 5 Ephemeral Crystal within 8 hours of the first one without dying. If you die, you must start over again. The first player to find and click all 5 crystals without dying, gets the mount. There are over 20 known spawn points. All are located in Aszuna. Once you have found and clicked all 5 Crystals you will trigger the zone-wide emote "You hear a faint caw in the distance and then silence…" All crystals will then despawn and the mount will be awarded to awarded into your bags. One mount per crystal spawn, per realm. This Mount is personal loot and can not be traded or sold.

To make things easy, you will need 2 addons. TomTom and Paste.

TomTom uses coordinates to point you to the exact location that you enter into your chatbox, making navigation easy.

Paste allows you to post more than 255 characters in one macro, which for this list of waypoints to be entered into TomTom would normally take several macros.

Below are the known waypoints of the crystals. Keep in mind that all 5 crystals will spawn at the same time, and can spawn in any combination of 5 random choices of the following points.

Simply copy this whole list into your paste addon, click "copy and paste" on the window, and if you have TomTom, all of the waypoints for the possible spawn points will show up on your map.

Make sure you are in Aszuna when you enter the waypoints into paste, otherwise the waypoints will show up in whatever map you are currently on, rendering them useless for the task.

Here are your known waypoints. If we find more, we will add them as we find them. If you happen to find one that isnt on this list, please let us know so that we can update it and give people a better chance of getting this nice mount!

TomTom Waypoints:

/way 29.90, 26.55 (on island)
/way 30.30 23.95 (In the cave)
/way 29.85 35.87 (Between some dead trees)
/way 30 36 (in the corner crack between the hills on an island)
/way 34.91 17.15 (Behind the ruins)
/way 34.8 35.3 (on another cliff edge)
/way 34.6 35.7 (in cave at the bottom of the hill)
/way 35 22 (beachside near the water) 
/way 35.72 25.07 (Beside the tree with the lantern and fence, to the left of the path) 
/way 36.6 12.2 (out in the open)
/way 36 23 (between 2 trees on the road)
/way 35.6 37.8 (Next to tree - Llothien Highlands)
/way 36 36 (on cliff edge)
/way 37 21.75 (By the tree)
/way 37.5 32.9 (nor'danil wellspring - behind the wall next to bush and tree)
/way 38.69 9.31 (on green land next to bush)
/way 40.3 32.8 (next to tree)
/way 40.55 37.6 (center of road - beside tree)
/way 40.72 35.90 (next to tree)
/way 41.4 31 (inside Llothien Grizzly Cave to the right)
/way 41.50 31.00 (Inside the cave)
/way 42.2 8.5 (on hillside)
/way 42.66 18.06 (inside Runa’s Hovel Cave on rock between spine and skull)
/way 42.2 62.3 (on the hill near the Cove Skrog)
/way 43 28 (behind tree next to Doomlord Kazrok)
/way 44.1 59.8 (on the tiny hill next to the ship)
/way 45.5 17.2 (next to the lake, where lake turns to river)
/way 45.42 45.42 (Next to tree, east of Illidari Stand flight path)
/way 45 53.6 (at the coast, inside the broken half of a ship (hard to see from almost every angle)
/way 46.55 5.36
/way 46.56, 8.53 (in the lost Orchard next to tree)
/way 46.90 17.75 (At the top of the slope)
/way 46.9 49 (up on hill (above the neutral giants - behind tree)
/way 46.58 53.60 (Between some rocks, by the sleeping bears)
/way 47.1 25.8 (Next to the blue crystal lake where Senegos lies)
/way 47.2 33 (next to the river)
/way 47.30 61.90 (Between 2 rocks)
/way 48.88 45.61 (On a rock)
/way 48 48 (next to the two neutral giants at the bottom of the valley)
/way 48.05 52.70 (In the cave next to some piles of gold)
/way 48.57 57.28 (inside broken ship inside Giant’s cave)
/way 49 8 (on little rock inside Lair of the Deposed cave)
/way 49.4 24 (inside bushes, behind shrine, up on a hill (overlooking Azurewing Repose)
/way 49.39 27.70 (next to tree - a little hidden)
/way 49.3 31.5 (a bit south from Azurewing Repose, Corner of hill behind bush)
/way 49.30 50.55 (Behind the sleeping giant)
/way 49.18, 53.54 (On a cliff just above the bridge where Warbringer Mox'na patrols)
/way 49.67 55.35 (In the Oceanus Cove, next to some piles of gold)
/way 49.28 58.03 (By the broken pillar right next to bride and groom)
/way 50.5 16.4 (between 3 trees on the left with one of those unicorn horses)
/way 50.5 20.3 (inside Inside Layhallow (crystal) cave at 47.9, 24.8)
/way 50 33.1 (Next to shells and hut in murloc area)
/way 50.73 49.89 (inside the cave with some neutral NPCs at Shipwreck Arena)
/way 50.48 56.99 (in the cave to the left, close to eternal bride and groom)
/way 51.4, 37.6 (underwater closer to Mrrgrl rare elite)
/way 51 65 (next to the tied rope around the poles)
/way 51 75 (island of watchers cave by roots)
/way 51.8, 57.6 (Corner next to broken ship in Oceanus Cove)
/way 52.4 13.4 (next to tree - Rhut'van Passage)
/way 52.29 25.10 (off road, next to tree (a little hidden)
/way 52.15 31.85 (By the shrine)
/way 52.96 35.94 (Under the water next to Narthalas Academy)
/way 52.7 57.9 (Up on hill around giants)
/way 52 71 (on a rock by the water? not confirmed where)
/way 53.36 26.08 (Between the 3 trees, to the left of the path)
/way 53.70 28.05 (In the cave by the river)
/way 53.08 36.03
/way 53.61 63.36 (By torch inside alcove)
/way 54.33 26.03 (next to roots of tree)
/way 54.8 28 (behind tree next to lake)
/way 54.1 27.6 (behind cement hut in bushes)
/way 54.8 28 (behind tree next to lake)
/way 54.5 33.5 (In lake next to basilisks)
/way 54.85 52.25 (Inside cave where Cole neutral mob is)
/way 55.55 10.30 (Up the side of the cliff)
/way 55.9 29.4 (inside the three pillars to the right of the building where Pridelord Meowl is)
/way 55.56 32.72 (Bottom of cliff, next to tree)
/way 55 55 (bottom of hill)
/way 55.98 42.82
/way 56 12 (By the pink flower)
/way 56.9 38.84 (at the edge of land and water)
/way 56.92 26 (inside the cave in Llothein, entrance is at 55.74, 25.46)
/way 56 40 (in the lake under the bridge)
/way 57.40 16.79 (At Ley-Ruins of Zarkhenar on edge of hill)
/way 57.5 26.6 (next to the road)
/way 57 31 (next to tree in the middle of circle)
/way 57.69 42.31 (Inside cave with big giant)
/way 58.22 24.65 (By tree on the top of cliff)
/way 58.81 45.02 (In cave at Ruins of Nar’thalas on rock between spine and skull (Commander Eksis mob in there)
/way 59.75 27.84 (behind tree)
/way 59.7 37.7 (on edge of hill next to tree)
/way 59.06 37.48 (near the female NE statue)
/way 59.3 38.3 (behind naga tent)
/way 60 17 (next to tree)
/way 60 27.8 (behind tree)
/way 60.1 35 (Next to broken pillar next to the middle of the road split)
/way 60.2 54.6 (near the shadowfiends under little half tent)
/way 60.4 46.7 (to the right of the blue teleporter cave)
/way 60 49 (bottom edge of the hill in Olivian Veil)
/way 60.1 53.2 (next to a bunch of shadowfiends)
/way 61.1 30.4 (in the cave on the rock to the right)
/way 61.9 30.9 (behind tree up on hill)
/way 61.6 40.1 (next to tree near eye of Azshara portal)
/way 62.25 35.90 (By the trees)
/way 62.3 40.5 (next to naga tent)
/way 62.65 52.46 (Olivian Veil next to tree)
/way 62.2 54.7 (next to the tree)
/way 63.38 46.14 (Under tree)
/way 63.48 54 (Gloombound Barrow 63.48, 54.00 in the cave that you fight an eradar for the imps quest)
/way 64 34 (near the crossroads near the table in The Empyrean Society Enclave)
/way 64 39
/way 65.4 29.5 (at felblaze inside stump of big tree)
/way 65.4 38.4 (On the hill)
/way 65.5 42.4 (next to water, near bridge in the corner of Hatecoil Warcamp)
/way 65.15 50.82 (Under tree)
/way 67.7 32.8 (Felblaze Ingress - down hill near water)
/way 67 33.7 (On hill next to pillars)
/way 67 46 (next to the log)
/way 67.1 52 (outside doorway to building -The Ruined Sanctum)
/way 68.2 24.3 (Farondale- north of the demon camp; very much visible from a great distance)

Thanks to Purgatorywolf for the majority of this list and to Laraven for the information on the rules for collecting them.
Good luck, and happy hunting!

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