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Suggestions / Re: A suggestion
« on: 4 years ago »
Haha! awesome.
I won't feel as bad then :)
Suggestions / Re: A suggestion
« on: 4 years ago »
look to the top right of the post you want to quote

Well don't I feel silly know  :-[
Guess I need more coffee  ;D

Thanks for your help
Suggestions / Re: A suggestion
« on: 4 years ago »
Yeah - how'd you do that?
Suggestions / A suggestion
« on: 4 years ago »
Is it possible to implement that you can quote someone's message and respond to it?

Or is that already available and I'm just too blind to see it?

It's not an issue atm but I could imagine down the road if there's a long thread and you want to respond to something specific that it would be handy to press a "quote" button :)
Yay \o/
Big congrats to Jordan :)
Just curious... but who won? :)
Who Are You? / Re: Me ^_^
« on: 4 years ago »
Hello Foxie

Uh I got a friend who'd swoon by reading this post... he's always told me he's got a soft spot for Geordie girls :)

What spec you got on your mage?
I play frost and arcane myself.... seem to favour arcane atm though. Used to play mostly on my frost but blizz seems to have made them a bit more squishy these days.
Who Are You? / Re: Hey There :)
« on: 4 years ago »
After several disappointments with joining guilds that slowly fell apart I must admit that creating my own and only inviting rl friends is starting to seem more and more appealing.

Nice to meet you Eelaras :)
Who Are You? / Re: Hai all :)
« on: 4 years ago »
Hello Kellz

Very nice to meet you :)

I started playing WoW in 2009 but took a long break and didn't fully return until mid MoP.
I have my wings spread across several servers but the ones I play atm is Doomhammer and Turalyon.

So what kind of movies and tv-shows do you enjoy?
Who Are You? / /wave
« on: 4 years ago »
Hi all

I'm a young(ish) female viking currently residing in Sweden but of Danish origin.

I main a lovely little female pandaren Fury Warrior called Orchid.
She's my pride and joy and I use her for all the tedious grinding of rep, fishing and most achievements :)

My second "main" is my wonderful Draenei Beastmaster Hunter. Since WoD I've grown more and more in love with the hunter and sadly playing on her more than the other these days.

When not sat by my PC at home, I'm sat at a PC at work as a Dispatcher for a big PC company. I also coach a small team and I like to refer to them as "my minions" :P

WoW for me is a way to relax when I get home from a long day at work.
I'm Alliance through and through but I do have some alts on Horde as well.

Currently I have 11 chars at max level and currently working on leveling 3 others :)
Yes I am an altoholic ;)

I think that's all there was to say about me :)
Thank you for reading this far.

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